Our Approach
Joélle is aware of the impact of how fashion can affect the environment.  
In recent years, consumers have brought 60% more garments in the past decade and only kept the garments for half as long. As more garments are being brought, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year or the fabrics being washed send a significant amount of micro - plastics into the ocean.
Joélle is committed to managing our operations in multiple sustainable and ethical ways. We recognise we have a responsibility for our planet and for those involved in making our pieces. 
We solely want to work with materials that, have been recycled /up-cycled/organic. As well as that we solely work with other providers who practice an ethical work environment.
Our Commitment
It's important to Joélle that our customers feel good knowing that they are purchasing items that have positive impacts on our environment.  
As we grow we want to experiment, with fabrics that are long lasting, innovative and not harmful.
We only have one planet, let's look after it!
The World Is Your Environment